Our Values

The values that riskart® offers to the market are best summarized by a few keywords.


riskart’s 15-year presence on the market in the specific sector of OTC derivatives means that the company puts at clients’ disposal the profound knowledge acquired on the workings of the market and the most effective means of optimizing processes in the middle and back office.


riskart (Switzerland) SA knows that in the OTC derivatives markets the solution for today’s needs is not necessarily the answer to tomorrow’s requirements. The adoption of riskart®’s software platform guarantees that a client’s operational infrastructure will keep pace with the evolution of the markets, business, technological and regulatory requirements.


riskart®’s competitive commercial approach, its emphasis on long-term client relationships and the deployment of innovative and flexible workflow and technological solutions means that clients can be assured of a substantial return on investment in the mission-critical middle and back office.


riskart®’s concept of service is founded on the belief that it is an all-encompassing notion that becomes a competitive differentiator. Service is not limited to concepts, such as an efficient help-desk service, but is viewed as an integral part of a long-term relationship in which riskart® focuses on constantly optimizing client workflow and back office efficiency.

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Created in 2009, IB Boost offers a wide range of cutting edge software for a variety of industries and environments. IB Boost’s products are utilised by industry leaders in the banking and finance sectors, and support the implementation of innovative working practises such as Continuous Integration, Agile Testing and DevOps.



FIDA is a company that operates in the FinTech business providing funds data, outsourced financial research services and custom software solutions targeted to the digital private banking, computerized wealth management and electronic asset management industry.

Specialty: Robo Advisory Components, outsourced investment research library, advisory software suites and funds data.