• riskartŪ is a software solution for Middle to Back Office operations in the financial services and corporate industries. It offers a range of services to effectively manage administrative and accounting activities related to financial contracts.
  • riskartŪ provides integrated and customizable operational support to manage OTC derivatives, regulated derivatives, cash flow instruments, and futures and options contracts.
  • riskartŪ is a vital tool for asset managers, banks, investment management companies and the finance departments of companies as it increases the effectiveness in managing and monitoring any financial portfolio.riskartŪ software provides a range of specialized solutions to a diverse range of institutions in the global financial services industry. It can be used by banks, traders, investment companies, asset management firms as well as industrial groups.
  • riskartŪ's flexible and modular technology is an essential instrument in the world of derivatives where new products and developments keep emerging.riskartŪ was created to run on various operating systems (Linux, Unix, Windows, etc.) and can be used with various relational databases (Sql, Oracle, DB2, etc.). The software is 100% web based.
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