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riskart's "boutique" approach to its clients is distinguished not only by its deep knowledge of OTC derivatives and the relative workflow, but by its ability to place over 15 years of practical experience in the back office at the disposal of clients by offering a range of value-added services that help them to obtain greater operational efficiencies.
riskart's approach is focused not on providing generic consultancy services but on alleviating client pain points by applying practical, cost-efficient solutions in fields such as workflow design and software customization, custom software developments that maintain the architectural coherence of the client's solution and system integration with the front office that takes into account the need to allow for the evolution and expansion of the assets and types of instruments traded.
The aim of these services is to allow a client to review and adapt his back office solution for OTC derivatives with the confidence that derives from being accompanied not just by a software provider, but by a team of specialists skilled in supplying focused and innovative solutions to increase automation and improve his level of efficiency

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