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Strategic Partnerships

riskart believes in seriously partnering with companies, who have the same passion for high-quality tailored client solutions and  whose skills and expertise can complement riskart's value proposition to the direct benefit of clients.
riskart currently partners with the following two companies:
IB-Boost is a leading technology and financial consultancy company based in London whose specialization is the integration between front, middle and back office applications based on an application framework that guarantees clients the flexibility to evolve and adapt to the market in terms of rapidly changing trading strategies and technological standards.
Dragon's Desk is a leading financial technology consultancy company operating out of offices in Tokyo and Hong Kong. Dragon's Desk aims to improve clients' efficiency by focusing on improving client workflow and by leveraging on a wide experience in implementing innovative and cost-effective solutions across the whole investment cycle. 
VASS is a 100% private and independent offices in Madrid, Barcelona, London, Brazil, United States, Colombia and Mexico, with capacity to provide services across Europe through local alliances and shifting resources.
With over 1000 employees, a strategy based on partnerships with market leaders trained to provide services in various technology areas: CRM, eBusiness, Document Management, Microsoft, BI, ERP, Systems Operations, safety area, etc. well go for Technological Innovation.
VASS is created by a group of related companies that own and complete the offer and provide national coverage.


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