Innovative solutions to increase automation and improved levels of efficiency supplied by a team of specialists.


riskart® has built on its 15 year experience in back office management of OTC derivatives, client workflow optimization and customized software development to propose a series of operational consultancy services designed to help clients meet the challenges of the fast-evolving OTC derivatives markets:

Co-ordination of implementation of the best operational workflow between front, middle and back office for the management of OTC derivatives. 

Custom software

The open and flexible nature of the riskart® software platform enables riskart® to propose projects for the development of custom software, aimed at further improving the level of automation and efficiency of operations in the middle and back office.

Examples which have been successfully completed include the automation of document management to track collateral requirements, and the creation of a specific trade repository to meet regulatory requirements.

System integration

The development and implementation of the riskart® Integration Framework (RIF) allows riskart® to offer its services for the integration of the riskart® back office derivatives software within each client environment. In particular, the RIF permits a robust integration with front-office position-keeping and trade capture systems that allow the implementation of a complete STP workflow. riskart®’s in-depth knowledge of OTC derivatives and clients’ workflow and the ability of the RIF to autonomously manage trade life cycle events, combined with its staff’s proven experience in dealing with the main market protocols and data formats, allow riskart® to offer clients cost-effective integration projects that guarantee solutions which can easily evolve on the basis of new requirements and market expansion.


Training courses for the financial markets: riskart® offers training courses specifically designed for middle & back office personnel that need to acquire a deeper knowledge of the structure and workings of the OTC derivatives markets.