• riskart® is a software solution for Middle to Back Office operations in the financial services and corporate industries. It offers a range of services to effectively manage administrative and accounting activities related to financial contracts.
  • riskart® provides integrated and customizable operational support to manage OTC derivatives, regulated derivatives, cash flow instruments, and futures and options contracts.
  • riskart® is a vital tool for asset managers, banks, investment management companies and the finance departments of companies as it increases the effectiveness in managing and monitoring any financial portfolio.riskart® software provides a range of specialized solutions to a diverse range of institutions in the global financial services industry. It can be used by banks, traders, investment companies, asset management firms as well as industrial groups.
  • riskart®’s flexible and modular technology is an essential instrument in the world of derivatives where new products and developments keep emerging.riskart® was created to run on various operating systems (Linux, Unix, Windows, etc.) and can be used with various relational databases (Sql, Oracle, DB2, etc.). The software is 100% web based.


The main concept applied in choosing the technology and methodology was to preserve over time the value of the software. We therefore produced a software as independent as possible from operating systems, relational databases, browsers, web servers and any other technology.  Standard methodologies were used to cover all aspects of the development: naming conventions (for classes, methods, attributes, files, tables, fields, etc.), user interface look and feel, user interface functions, class hierarchies, etc.

The entire development was done using ANSI C++ language. The whole application is object-oriented.

Recently C# has been adopted as the programming language for new developments.
The ANSI SQL is generated by a layer which can be adapted in the event that we need to change our SQL, without modifying the application.

riskart® is a web application that is 100% server-based. The pages contain HTML code with only little JavaScript.

riskart® does not use any specific middleware or third party software, unless specifically requested by the client.

riskart (Switzerland) SA


  • Developed with standard and open methodology
  • Modular approach (concept of “engine”)


  • XML, C++,C-Sharp/.Net
  • Client HTML (MS Explorer, Firefox etc.)


  • Windows/Unix/Linux
  • Oracle/MS SQL/DB2/Postgres


 Riskart Integration Framework (RIF)

  • CSV / XML File
  • FpML
  • Database polling
  • JMS / MQ  Series queue
  • Web service
  • Custom API