Riskart Integration Framework (RIF)

In the complex world of OTC derivative trades, riskart® developed an integration framework which allows clients or riskart®’s consultants to rapidly resolve integration issues that go beyond traditional messaging mapping.

Layered presentation

Front Office Integration


RIF can pre-process or post-process trade data that needs to be captured from trading systems. It handles messaging and data formats such as XML, CSV, FpML, MQ Series, Web Services, JMS, etc. and can automatically manage the complete trade cycle.

Account Aggregation & Portfolio Data Consolidation

Account aggregation automatically collects financial information in different format from different institutions, such as custodian banks, and displays it in the most desirable format so that such information is available to other systems.
Account aggregation brings automation into the context of asset and investment monitoring as it eliminates the need of collecting paper statements and manually key data into financial planning, performance reporting, CRM, client portals or other systems.
Partnering with the London-based software house IBBoost, which specializes in system integration, riskart (Switzerland) SA capitalizes its long-standing backoffice expertise by offering next-generation tools for Quality Assurance.
riskart (Switzerland) SA and IBBoost bring to the market a mix of experience, knowledge and technical know-how that guarantees software solutions with impressive automation and data management capabilities, great environment adaptability, reconciliation and automation needs for organisations of all sizes.

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